Empathy Alpha is a brand and communication consultancy that provides the scalable resources that emerging brands desperately need when it matters the most—at the beginning. 



Craig Mewbourne has spent more than a decade helping clients of all sizes to articulate their reasons for being. He has improved how dozens of companies across diverse industries perceive themselves and their customers. More importantly, he has helped them to better communicate their value. 

By founding Empathy Alpha, Craig is harnessing this experience to give a powerful boost to companies that firmly believe in their people and their products, but may not be certain how having a purpose factors in to being successful.

Empathy Alpha draws from a network of talented creative and strategic professionals to provide a single, elastic resource for brands that are looking for an edge as early as possible.


And even if you’ve been around for a hundred years, it’s still not too late. Your “alpha” moment only happens when you begin to find the true purpose for your brand or product.