Empathy is the ability to understand and share another's feelings. We are driven by the need to connect with other people. 

Companies that want to begin leveraging the power of empathy can make an immediate impact by asking Empathy Alpha to exercise its core strengths to help you with:

Your brand should be communicated in a way that activates this desire, and uses cultural touchstones to create a shorthand for the value you add to people’s lives.


Messaging and brand guidelines

Brand purpose and mission

Visual identity




 Ad campaigns

Content marketing

Retail/Online sales strategy



Target audience personas

Promotions calendar

Social strategy

Media mix

If your only purpose is to sell product, you will always be at war over pricing.

Building your brand or product around a purpose gives people a story to become a part of and to pass on. Sure, there’s a vulnerability to telling people what you stand for. It could mean you’re not for everybody. But do it anyway.

This honesty is an amazing tactic for growing rabidly fanatic audiences quickly, and it is the most effective way to turn buyers of your product into evangelists for your brand.




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